Managing and Working in Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Managing and Working in Multi-Disciplinary Teams


Almost everybody appreciates the value of multi-disciplinary teams (MDT). What’s not to love about pulling together people with different skills to achieve a goal? 

But while we all praise the concept of MDTs, many of us struggle to implement them. 

This webinar will help you to consider the value of MDTs and will explore some of the concrete steps needed to build and maintain your own team. Thriving Collaborative Coaches Mat Roosa and Carolyn Castro-Donlan will focus on the following core objectives: 

  • Explore the current state of behavioral health care, related to teams and teamwork. 
  • Help you to develop a working understanding of the actions associated with effective and sustainable MDTs. 
  • Provide you with an opportunity to assess your own team. 
  • Explore concrete tools that you can use to strengthen your own MDT. 

Join us and learn how to “walk the walk” of building and sustaining MDTs.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams Slides