Staff Profile

Alice Washington

Alice Washington is an associate at the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions. Ms. Washington was awarded a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Stanford University during March of 1988.  Her major was Sociology:  Social Sciences. In the past few years, Ms. Washington has received a Train-the-Trainer Certificate from California State University, Sacramento.  In 2013, Alice completed an A.S. in Graphic Design. She also completed a Diploma in Web Design and Interactive Media in December 2015. In 2017, Alice started a blog called “Just Saying…All About That Hope” where she highlighted stories of lived experience associate with mental health, substance use, etc. Today, Alice is learning illustration techniques with the goal of becoming an accomplished artist. She has had several art shows in the Sacramento Area and several mentions in an international school’s art bulletin. She is achieving a personal recovery goal of becoming a member of the art community, in-person, virtually,  and online. Alice is “becoming” who she really is – an artist.

(916) 379-5339