National Youth Development and Information Center (NYDIC)

NYDIC provides information about youth development to national and local youth-serving organizations at low or no cost. Their primary concentration is on materials related to: research and evaluation (demonstrating the value and impact of youth development programs; projects and programs (best practices); policies and regulations impacting development of youth; foundation and federal funding opportunities; and career development information. Their comprehensive website provides access to reviewing research, literature and frameworks from a variety of perspectives.

  • Entry Type: Resource
  • Audience For Entry:
  • Service Area: National
  • Population Served:
  • Services Offered To Youth:
  • Services Offered To Professionals: Professional Development, Technical Assistance
  • Services Offered To Families:
  • Subjects: Youth Development, Career Preparation, Youth Leadership, Advocacy
  • Systems Addressed: Workforce Development
  • Resource Types Offered: Publications, Web links, Funding Sources, Quality Practices, Research