Learning from the Youth Opportunity Experience: Building Delivery Capacity in Distressed Communities

By Linda Harris. In 2000, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded significant Youth Opportunity (YO) Grants to 36 high-poverty urban, rural, and Native American communities. The grants were designed to serve all young people in these areas, regardless of income or connection to school or work. Communities were required to assess and integrate existing youth-serving systems and agencies to support education, work exposure, youth development, and other services for young people. Despite evidence of considerable community accomplishments, the YO grants were ended in 2005.This report, based on a survey of 22 of the 36 sites, examines the approaches’ strengths, challenges, and lessons learned, and offers recommendations for policy and practice. The 4-page Executive Summary is also available separately. 50 pages. 2/16/2006

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  • Audience For Entry: Professionals
  • Service Area: National
  • Population Served: (Youth) Disconnected Youth, (Youth) Economically Disadvantaged
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  • Subjects: Comprehensive Approch, Youth Development, System Improvement, Cross-system collaboration, Cultural Competence, Disconnection from School & Work
  • Systems Addressed: Child Welfare, Other Social Services, Workforce Development
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