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Young Workers’ Health and Safety Website

The Young Workers’ Health and Safety website is a project of California’s statewide Resource Network for Young Workers’ Health and Safety. The Resource Network is funded by the California Department of Industrial Relations, and coordinated by UC Berkeley’s Labor Occupational Health Program. The California Resource Network website includes information on workplace rights and responsibilities, work hours and job restrictions, hazards on the job and ways to prevent injuries on the job.There are also educational resources, fact sheets and ideas for how to work with others in your community to keep young workers healthy and safe on the job.

  • Entry Type: Program/Initiative
  • Audience For Entry: Professionals, Youth, Families
  • Service Area: National, California
  • Population Served:
  • Services Offered To Youth:
  • Services Offered To Professionals:
  • Services Offered To Families:
  • Subjects: Regulations
  • Systems Addressed: Workforce Development
  • Resource Types Offered: Tools, Publications, Web links