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Search Institute

The Search Institute generates, synthesizes and communicates new knowledge, convenes organizational and community leaders, and works with state and national organizations. At the heart of the Institute’s work is the framework of 40 developmental assets, which are positive experiences, relationships, opportunities and personal qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring and responsible. Services include research, communication, networking, community supports and training.This website provides information about the Search Institute including their 40 developmental assets framework and compatible tools.

  • Entry Type: Organization/Agency
  • Audience For Entry: Professionals
  • Service Area: National
  • Population Served:
  • Services Offered To Youth:
  • Services Offered To Professionals: Professional Development
  • Services Offered To Families:
  • Subjects: Academic Achievement, Career Preparation, Youth Leadership
  • Systems Addressed: Education
  • Resource Types Offered: Tools, Quality Practices