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National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC)

New Ways to Work builds community connections that prepare youth for success as adults. New Ways pioneered the All Youth-One SystemSM approach to help communities build comprehensive youth-serving systems for all youth, including our most vulnerable young people. New Ways helps create powerful partnerships among schools, community organizations, social service agencies, the private sector, government, and community partners to ensure better access to quality educational and career opportunities for youth.For the past 20 years, New Ways has worked across the nation to ensure that public resources targeted to prepare youth for their future are used effectively. New Ways’ website includes information about their projects and includes free tools for building the capacity of programs and initiatives as well as a library of publications related to youth development, supporting vulnerable populations, supporting intermediaries, and developing comprehensive youth-serving systems. Their projects include the Youth Transition Action Teams Initiative, the Youth Council Institute, the Intermediary Network, Diploma Plus – California expansion, Engaging Workplace Partners, Quality Work-Based Learning, and the Sonoma County California Work Ready Certification Program. New Ways also offers customized training and technical assistance.

  • Entry Type: Organization/Agency, Program/Initiative
  • Audience For Entry: Professionals
  • Service Area:
  • Population Served: (Youth) Economically Disadvantaged, (Youth) Juvenile Justice Involved, (Youth) with Physical Disabilities, (Youth) with Developmental Disabilities, (Youth) with Learning Disabilities
  • Services Offered To Youth:
  • Services Offered To Professionals: Professional Development
  • Services Offered To Families:
  • Subjects: Youth Development, Policy
  • Systems Addressed: Juvenile Justice, Education, Workforce Development
  • Resource Types Offered: Publications, Web links, Research