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California Child and Family Review System

The California Child and Family Review System is a State version of the Federal child and family services reviews used to monitor State performance. It requires the development and implementation of an outcomes-based county compliance review process to improve outcomes for children in the child welfare system while holding county and State agencies accountable for the outcomes achieved. All 58 counties receive quarterly data reports on their outcomes in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being of children and families who come into contact with the child welfare system.Each county conducts a self-assessment using community-based groups to facilitate public input. A component of the self-assessment is the Peer Quality Case Review, which involves State, county, and regional training and peer review staff performing qualitative case reviews of specific areas of county practice. Following the self-assessments, counties collaborate with other local partners to develop a county System Improvement Plan (SIP), which is approved by the county Board of Supervisors. The purpose of the SIP is to establish program priorities, define specific action steps to achieve improvement, and establish goals for improvement. The California Child and Family Services Review was designed so that county self-assessments and SIPs would be the basis for the Statewide Assessment and the Program Improvement Plan for future Federal reviews.

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