Introducing The LPS Clinical Assessment Guidelines for Involuntarily Detained Individuals: A Toolkit

The LPS Clinical Assessment Guidelines (CAG) represents a set of clinical assessment guidelines for persons involuntarily detained. These guidelines are intended to be recommendations for a structured recovery approach and are not presented as standards or requirements.

The LPS Clinical Assessment Guidelines for Involuntarily Detained Individuals: A Toolkit, supports the guidelines’ implementation and presents a series of responses to the need for care coordination for involuntary detainment within a complex system of care. The toolkit aims to provide a methodology and best practices to support collaboration, communication, and cooperation between inpatient services and the various other systems of service in support of everyone’s recovery.

The LPS Toolkit was developed by CIBHS and funded by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC). It is highly recommended for all first responders, behavioral clinical and other direct service providers, leadership, administrative and management staff, crisis intervention providers, including hospital emergency room providers, acute care facilities, and crisis stabilization providers.

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Front Cover

Message from California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

LPS Acknowledgement

LPS Statement of Healing Drops of Water

LPS Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview, Analysis, and Methodology
  3. LPS Guidelines and Codes
  4. A Crosswalk: Relating Toolkit Content to the CAG Guidelines
  5. Module 1: Philosophies and Practices
  6. Module 2: Core Competencies
  7. Module 3: Administrative Implementation
  8. Module 4: Addressing Substance Use Disorders During Involuntary Detention
  9. Module 5: Lanterman- Petris- Short Act and Recovery
  10. Module 6 Part I : Performance Measurement
    Module 6 Part II: Performance Measurement
  11. Appendices Cover

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