Quality Assurance Process


This training will provide counties with instructions for drafting the quality assurance plans in a manner that complies with the Code of Federal Regulation section 438 requirements.  Training content will also address the practical application of the quality assurance plans and organizational structure and operation of the quality assurance committee.

Training will be provided by UCLA ISAP and by CIBHS Staff and consultants. DHCS will entertain requests for supplemental training or technical assistance on related topics on a case by case basis.

The DMC-ODS Waiver establishes the framework for a series of fundamental changes in the SUD treatment service delivery system in California. Counties and providers will be transitioning to a new set of business and clinical models, new regulatory requirements and new relationships within counties and with external entities. CIBHS is honored to be a partner with DHCS is helping to make the DMC-ODS Waiver a success for counties, providers and patients.