Implementation of Therapeutic Foster Care: County and Provider Partnerships
2020 Webinars

​The Department of Health Care Services and the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions hosted webinars focused on Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) services implementation. These webinars provide an opportunity to hear directly from a county behavioral health agency and their provider partner about implementation.

Counties and providers will share real life challenges, strategies and solutions from planning to implementation of TFC, and will address the following:

  • Planning and development; county and provider partnerships; Request For Proposal processes; and TFC parent recruitment and training;
  • Contracting and Medi-Cal certification processes;
  • Child and Family Teams and the referral process;
  • Medi-Cal documentation and billing;
  • Ongoing support and training;
  • Preliminary outcomes and lessons learned.

Who Should Join this Webinar

County representatives from Mental Health Plans, Child Welfare Departments, Juvenile Probation (Program Managers/Supervisors, Quality Assurance Managers, etc.), and Foster Family Agencies.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Featuring Mendocino County Behavioral Health and Redwood Community Services.

Watch the recording here

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Featuring Kern County Behavioral Health Recovery Services (KernBHRS) and ChildNet Youth and Family Services.

Download Webinar recording here.


Other resources listed below: 

TFC Service Model Attachment 1 (updated 2/21/17)

TFC Parent Qualifications Attachment 2 (updated 2/21/17)

For questions, please contact:

Kelly Bitz, Senior Program Coordinator, CIBHS or (916) 379-5322