Collecting FY19-20 Data

MOQA SP and SDR FY19-20 data collection is very similar to pilot data collection, although we have made some small changes to the Participant Surveys based on feedback received during the pilot. Please follow the instructions below to collect FY19-20 data:

Participant Data

  1. Download the PDF data collection forms or access the correct online survey for the data you wish to collect. Excel versions are provided to allow you to add or remove questions or to change formatting. Please do not change the wording of any questions, as that will invalidate your results. Threshold language surveys are available in the Threshold Language Resources section.
    1. SP Participant Survey (PDF) MOQA SP Participant Survey-English
    2. SP Participant Survey (Excel, contains all threshold languages) MOQA SP Participant Questionnaire Translations
    3. SP Participant Survey (online)
      or Download SP Participant Survey QR Code
    4. SDR Participant Survey (PDF) MOQA SDR Participant Survey-English
    5. SDR Participant Survey (Excel, contains all threshold languages) MOQA SDR Participant Questionnaire_Translations_July 2019
    6. SDR Participant Survey (online)
      or Download SDR Participant Survey QR Code
  2. Contact CIBHS to submit quarterly data if you collect paper surveys. If you entered data into the online tool, you can skip this step.
  3. You will receive a summary of the data you’ve submitted following each quarter and a comprehensive report after the end of the Fiscal Year.

Program Data

The MOQA Program Data Collection Tool is designed to be completed once per year, at the end of the Fiscal Year. Download the template below to review the types of data MOQA collects. You can add data to the template at any time, and this section will be updated with instructions to submit data at the end of the Fiscal Year.