California Projects 1
YOR California

A Joint Effort by the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions and Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. and funded by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Community Services Division, Federal Grants Branch.

Projects 1

The YOR California team issued a Request for Applications (RFA) in May 2019 to seek subgrant applications for the purpose of developing new and enhanced services and awarded a total of $11 million to organizations across the state of California. These subgrantees are providing a wide array of services for youth (12-24) with, or at risk of, an OUD and prevent opioid overdose death.

Twenty-two (22) implementation subgrants (total of $10.5 million) were issued to execute projects that remove barriers and fill gaps in services delivery and ultimately, increase access to youth-relevant OUD services. Subgrantees’ projects span the continuum of prevention, intervention, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and other treatment, and recovery services and focus on positive youth development, age-appropriate and targeted engagement, implementation of evidence-based practices for youth, and the adoption of appropriate adult interventions to meet the needs of youth.

In addition to the implementation subgrants, the YOR California team also awarded 10 organizations with community planning subgrants (total of $550 K). Funding for these subgrants support planning activities, such as convening a community planning group, conducting an assessment, establishing partnerships, and creating a community action plan to reduce youth OUD and opioid related deaths.

Implementation Grants

California School-Based Health Alliance

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): National Center for Youth Law, California Bridge Program, Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center

Project Name: Strengthening School Response to Youth Opioid Use

Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to reduce opioid deaths by helping schools and school-based health providers improve and expand access to a continuum of quality opioid-related services for youth. We have two goals: 

  1. Prevent opioid use among adolescent and transitional aged youth (TAY) across California through peer-to-peer health education in schools.
  2. Identify and treat adolescent and TAY using opioids by providing schools and school-based health providers with tools to screen for substance use, provide brief interventions, and link to effective treatment, including medication-assisted treatment. 

Counties served: Statewide


California School-Based Health Alliance Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Sierra Jue-Leong

Position: Project Director

Agency: California School-Based Health Alliance


Phone: (510) 268-1160

Center Point Drug Abuse Alternative Center

Project Name: Center Point Drug Abuse Alternative Center (CPDAAC) – YOR California

Project Description: Center Point DAAC will improve and expand access to a continuum of opioid use disorder (OUD) prevention, education, outreach, intervention, MAT, and other treatment and recovery services for youth ages 12-24 and their families, thereby preventing opioid overdose related deaths. Center Point DAAC provides a mobile van to do outreach and engagement with youth needing OUD services meeting them where they are (i.e., skate parks, coffee shops, encampments).  Center Point DAAC has added the additional sites as stated in our grant which are two High Schools in Santa Rosa, a middle school and Juvenile Hall.  In addition, we have provided outreach and engagement to several community agencies and stakeholders, providing information and resources for MAT services.  We are implementing the new curriculum we purchased at all our sites, which includes Vaping, one of the leading health concerns for youth today.  Center Point DAAC will continue to attend Opioid Coalition meetings quarterly and monthly at various agencies in our community.

Counties served: Sonoma County


Website (if available) – (in the process of updating this website)

Primary Contact:

Name:  Sophia Clifford, B.A., CADTP

Position: Youth Program Manager

Agency: CPDAAC


Phone: (707) 544-3295

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): The L.A. Trust for Children’s Health, National Center for Youth Law

Project Name: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Youth Opioid Response Project

Project Description: The Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Youth Opioid Response Project seeks to increase youth access to substance use treatment services and increase provider efficacy in making timely and effective referrals to treatment. The project will focus on high school students in Los Angeles and will partner closely with The L.A. Trust for Children’s Health and the National Center for Youth Law. CHLA will work closely with youth, providers, and subject matter experts to develop campaign materials and associated trainings covering topics such as youth access to confidential substance use treatment services, minor consent laws, OUDs, and MAT.  The project is guided by the values of the DAYAM, including the capacity of young people to achieve their goals and navigate life challenges and the importance of working toward sustainable improvements in the systems that support the health and well-being of young people.

Counties served: Los Angeles


Children's Hospital Los Angeles Project


Website: N/A

Primary Contact:

Name: Mia Humphreys, M.S.W.

Position: Program Manager, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Agency: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Phone: (323) 361-3117

CommuniCare Health Centers

Project Name: CommuniCare Health Centers (CCHC) – YOR California

Project Description: We will expand MAT treatment, opioid prevention and early intervention for youth and emerging adults ages 12-24 throughout Yolo County. Currently, there are no MAT treatment providers for youth, and CommuniCare Health Centers (CCHC) is the primary outpatient mental health/substance use disorder (SUD) provider for youth and adults (including MAT) within Yolo County. Services will include a young adult SUD outpatient treatment group 2 days a week, educational groups provided in local schools for youth, educational groups for parents, and outreach via social media platforms.

Counties served: Yolo County


CommuniCare Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Allison Rodriguez, LCSW             

Position: Youth and Family Services Manager

Agency: CommuniCare Health Centers

Email:    Phone: (530) 662-2211

Contra Costa Health Services

Project Name: Contra Costa Health Services – YOR California

Project Description: Contra Costa Health Services currently operates school-based clinics at 23 middle and high schools and clinics at four homelessness shelters. The YOR California Project will expand services in four high school clinics and four homeless clinics in West and East Contra Costa County to include screening, intervention and treatment services for youth ages 13-24 years who have or are at risk of an OUD. The intervention and treatment services include MAT with buprenorphine and behavioral health counseling. In addition, the YOR California Project includes targeted outreach and engagement activities to high-risk youth in school settings and in homelessness shelters. The grant will support the addition of two new behavioral health clinicians to serve youth with/or at risk of an OUD and one health educator.

Counties served: Contra Costa County


Contra Costa Health Services Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Alvin Silva

Position: Public Health Clinic Services Director

Agency: Contra Costa Health Services


Phone: (925) 608-5116

Door to Hope

Partner Agencies: ACTION

Project Name: Door to Hope – YOR California

Project Description:To strengthen and expand youth SUD, OUD, and MAT capacity in Monterey County – Door to Hope will target outreach to youth ages 12-24 with an OUD or at high-risk for an OUD by enhancing and positioning Pathwa ys to Safety (P2S) to deliver outreach for at-risk youth and enhance/expand licensed, CARF accredited SUD, co-occurring, and MAT treatment and recovery programs to vulnerable and marginalized youth and their families in age-appropriate, culturally competent, and trauma-informed treatment utilizing the medical leadership of a federally waivered pediatrician.

Counties served: Monterey


Door to Hope Project


Website: N/A

Primary Contact:

Name: Chris Shannon     

Position: Executive Director

Agency: Door to Hope


Phone: (831) 758-0181

Granite Wellness Centers

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Coalition for Auburn Youth, Coalition for Nevada County Youth, Chapa De Indian Health, Sierra Care Pediatrics, Nevada County Health and Human Services, Placer County Health and Human Services, Placer Nevada Rx Safety Coalition, Idea Consulting, and more.

Project Name: Granite Wellness Centers – Youth Resiliency Project

Project Description: The purpose of Granite Wellness Centers Youth Resiliency Project is to develop and deliver a coordinated continuum of care —prevention, treatment, and wellness services —specifically addressing OUDs for young people ages 12-24 and their families in rural Nevada and Placer Counties. Coordinating existing services, organizing partners, and implementing new services to address gaps, the continuum includes outreach, education, early intervention, outpatient treatment, MAT, residential treatment, family services, and wellness services to effectively address youth opioid use risk, use, and overdose risk. Strategies include development and dissemination of culturally informed OUD information through diverse channels. The community will be engaged in a regional opioid summit and multiple programs to engage families. Education, early intervention services, screening, and referral services are delivered to schools. Opioid specific curriculum is integrated in outpatient treatment. Our plan includes a goal to provide residential services to minors ages 16 and over and engage the region’s first pediatricians to become X-waivered. We are designing a youth-informed wellness clinic to provide behavioral and confidential health services for young people 13-24.

Counties served: Nevada, Placer


Granite Wellness Project

Granite Wellness Poster_Grafitti_Spanish

Granite Wellness Poster_Pills

Granite Wellness Poster_Smile_Spanish



Primary Contact:

Name: Ariel Lovett

Position: CEO

Agency: Granite Wellness Centers


Phone: (530) 273-9541

Imperial County Behavioral Health Services (ICBHS)

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): N/A

Project Name: ICBHS Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program – YOR California

Project Description: The YOR California grant project will focus on improving and expanding access to OUD and other SUD services that include prevention, treatment, interventions, MAT, and recovery to youth ages 12-24 and their families. ICBHS will enhance outreach and engagement activities by conducting presentations and education in all areas of Imperial County. The YOR California grant will assist in strengthening partnerships between ICBHS and other community agencies such as law enforcement, mental health, physical health, social services, education, and the LGBT Resource Center.  In addition, these activities will focus on decreasing the stigma associated with addiction and will increase the support from the community and family members. Outreach and engagement activities will be tailored to address the needs of youth and their families. The program director and its designees will conduct presentations for key community members, leaders, and agency directors and management.  These presentations will focus on enhancing their knowledge on OUD and other SUDs and elimination of stigma and discrimination, and the need for increased support for the treatment of those in need within our community.

Counties served: Imperial County


Imperial County Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Gabriela Jimenez              

Position: Deputy Director

Agency: ICBHS


Phone: (442) 265-7650

La Maestra Family Clinic, Inc.

Project Name: Expanding Access to Youth Substance Use Disorder Services

Project Description: La Maestra’s proposed project aims to increase access to evidence-based, youth-specific SUD, and OUD treatment services, including MAT, counseling, and recovery support services. For this project, La Maestra will engage youth ages 12 to 24 with a specific focus on preventing opioid overdose deaths. La Maestra will do this by screening patients ages 12 to 24 for SUDs, providing onsite counseling, and recovery support services, and distributing Naloxone to youth and families. La Maestra will also increase the availability of youth-customized technological diagnosis and treatment tools through virtual reality (VR). La Maestra will use VR equipment to provide youth patients with VR therapy to enhance the treatment of SUD, OUD, and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Counties served: San Diego County


LaMaestra Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Corinne Hanson

Position: Chief Development Office

Agency: La Maestra Family Clinic, Inc.



Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (LA CADA)

Project Name: YOR LA CADA

Project Description: The YOR LA CADA project will provide services to youth ages 12-24 who are at risk of developing an OUD, have an OUD, or are at risk of an opioid overdose.  YOR LA CADA will work primarily with the middle and high schools and the colleges in and around the Santa Fe Springs area to provide education and medications for addiction treatment (MAT) of OUDs to parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Information will focus on the dangers of opioid use, the options available for treatment, and the information necessary for individuals looking for help. In addition, we will outreach to our community partners in the effort to leverage existing professional relationships and community contacts in order to ensure that a substantial swath of the populations served by LA CADA are informed of the availability of medications to treat OUDs.  Our goal is to be the first resource individuals in Service Planning Area (SPA) 7 think of and seek out when they need MAT services.

Counties served: Los Angeles



Primary Contact:

Name: Juan Navarro

Position: Executive Director

Agency: LA CADA


Phone: (562) 777-7500


Name: Arlene Vasquez

Position: YOR Project Director

Agency: L.A. CADA


Phone: 562-348-0083 x220

Mind OC

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Korean Community Services (KCS), MECCA, Desert Vista Consulting

Project Name:  OCMAT4Y (Orange County Medication-Assisted Treatment for Youths)

Project Description:  OCMAT4Y is a care collaborative project devoting to the integration of the county’s adolescent Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) system and the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Safety Net; thereby facilitating greater access to MAT for the targeted youth group regardless of their insurance payor source. Expansion of MAT services is currently hampered by siloed countywide programs that lack the proper resources to build capacity across already existing systems. OCMAT4Y will provide the foundation to build this capacity and meet the needs of youth and their families in Orange County. OCMAT4Y will integrate the youth-focused component leveraging the operational and resources alignment to ensure the SUD system of care in Orange County spans the entire age spectrum. Together, OCMAT4Y and MATCONNECT (another collaborative targeting adults funded by CalOptima, the Orange County operated managed care plan) will affect hundreds of thousands of lives in Orange County.

Counties served:  Orange


MindOC Project

Drugs On Your Brain Flyer

How to Talk to Your Teen About Drugs Flyer

Learn the Facts About Drugs Flyer

Preventing Opioid Overdose Flyer

The Truth About Opioids Flyer

What is MAT? flyer


Students On Their Journey

MECCA video library

Website: N/A

Primary Contact:

Name:  Clayton Chau

Position:  Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer

Agency:  Mind OC


Phone: (714) 248-4507

Partnership Healthplan of California (PHC)

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Lake Count Family Resource Center (Lake), Humboldt County Public Health (Humboldt), Petaluma Health Care District (Sonoma); Aldea, Inc. (Sonoma)

Project Name: Partnership Healthplan of California – YOR California

Project Description: PHC is the Medi-Cal managed care plan for 14 northern California counties. The PHC YOR grant is focused on three specific areas to address youth OUD. The first goal is to increase SUD programs’ capacity to serve youth in communities served by PHC and enhance their use of evidence-based curriculum and/or promising practices. The second goal is to increase the capacity of the PHC network of medical providers to effectively address youth OUD using MAT and effective referral to community resources. Informational publications and webinars will be the primary mechanism for achieving this goal. The third goal is to increase youth engagement in four of the counties served by PHC through media and outreach activities aimed at youth who are at risk for an OUD. The use of technology and social media will be a primary conduit for disseminating the information.

Counties served: Solano, Sonoma, Marin, Yolo, Lake, Napa, Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Modoc

Primary Contact:

Name: Wendy Millis

Position: Program Coordinator II

Agency: Partnership Healthplan of California


Phone: (530) 999-6918

Phoenix House Los Angeles, Inc.

Project Name: Youth Unaddicted Program

Project Description: Phoenix House addresses growing opioid use among teens by:

  • Organizing outreach and education sessions in its Youth Unaddicted Program (10 sessions in 10 community locations, and one full day “Youth Unaddicted” Conference, reaching a total of 1,000 students);
  • Offering “Positive Action” group counseling for higher risk youth in community centers, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) offices, etc. (using brief interventions based on the evidence-based Positive Action curriculum and serving 750 clients in 12 months); and
  • Providing access to MAT in the outpatient program (20 clients enrolled in 14 months) to adolescents with opioid dependence in northeast San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County. The Youth Unaddicted Program will focus on providing skills and resources to high risk youth and young adults through a tiered approach, including outreach and education, 5-week intervention groups targeting highest risk youth who do not yet need treatment, and 4-month outpatient treatment services for those with higher needs.

Counties served: Los Angeles County


Phoenix House Project


Website: N/A

Primary Contact:

Name: Nely Meza, LMFT, M.B.A.

Position: Sr. Program Director of Adolescent Services

Agency: Phoenix Houses of Los Angeles, Inc.


Phone: (818) 686-3000 x 4196 (office); (661) 236-4635 (cell)

San Bernardino County/California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM)- affiliated with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Department of Probation, Sheriff Department, Department of Behavioral Health, County School District, Collaborative Treatment Courts, County Fire Department.

Project Name: San Bernardino County Youth Opioid Response (SBCYOR)

Project Description:  We aim to offer more resources for the target population with OUDs who are in need of emergency treatment and recovery services that are accessible, effective, and comprehensive through evidence-based practices by creating community collaborations to appropriately identify and enroll at risk youth with OUDs within our communities, in an effort to avoid overdose and possible death. We plan to provide services and educational programs in hospitals, school districts, community outreach, detention center, drug courts, and behavioral health clinics in our region. We will utilize and enhance our efforts of our expert team to create effective community collaborations to appropriately identify and enroll at risk youth with OUD within San Bernardino County, in effort to avoid overdose and possible death while providing services and education in hospitals, school districts, community outreach, detention centers (juvenile and adult), drug courts, and behavioral health clinics.

Counties served: San Bernardino County



Primary Contact:

Name: Dr. Michael Neeki, D.O.

Position: Main Program Director

Agency: SBC YOR


Phone: (909) 771-1029

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC)

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors):  Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse; University of California, Santa Barbara; Multidimensional Family Therapy

Project Name: Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics – YOR California

Project Description: SBNC proposes to increase access to MAT by combining psychological and behavioral therapy with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medications and treatment for mental illness, including SUDs, particularly those patients leaving the hospital who have been diagnosed or are at high risk for SUDs, as well as decrease emergency room visits and hospitalization costs. SBNC proposes to improve and expand access to a continuum of OUD prevention, intervention, MAT, and other treatment and recovery services for youth (ages 12–24) and their families, thereby preventing opioid overdose-related deaths through our Isla Vista Neighborhood Clinic, located in the town of Isla Vista, though services are currently offered at all our clinics. Isla Vista is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Santa Barbara County. As of the 2010 census, the CDP had a population of 23,096. Most residents are college students at nearby University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB, located to the east of the community) or at Santa Barbara City College. The student population, mostly 18-24-years old, shares densely packed housing with a working-class Hispanic population.

Counties served: Southern Santa Barbara County



Primary Contact:

Name: Nancy Tillie

Position: Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

Agency: SBC YOR


Phone: (805) 617-7863

Santa Clara County

Project Name: Santa Clara County- YOR California

Project Description:  The Santa Clara County project has three goals:

  • Provide education on opioid use, its risks, and available resources. Our multi-pronged marketing campaign includes digital ads and toolkits for providers, physicians, school personnel, and other community partners. Toolkits will include educational materials on OUD and the consequences of use for the provider along with client/patient handouts. The digital campaign and all materials will include a link to a website with information on opioids, consequences of use, overdose information, and referral information on how to access outpatient services and MAT. Factsheets will be distributed at health fairs, schools, libraries, community agencies, hospitals, health clinics, and other venues.
  • Increase access to screening and increase the number of referrals to outpatient treatment and MAT for youth with or at risk of OUDs. Primary care physicians, which includes pediatrics, internal medicine and family practice physicians, will be educated on an effective screening tool and how to refer youth at risk of or exhibiting OUDs for further assessment and treatment.
  • Implement a team of physicians and clinicians who will provide youth MAT services. Protocols will be developed for collaboration. Protocols will also be developed for primary care, psychiatry, and emergency department physicians to consult with addiction medicine staff on OUD questions. Collaboration meetings will be scheduled to discuss each case.

Counties served: Santa Clara County


Santa Clary County BH Services Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Sue Nelson/Mira Parwiz

Position: Division Director

Agency: Santa Clara County


Phone: (408) 375-5057 (Sue)/(650) 623-7839 (Mira)

Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA), Children’s Services Branch

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Empire Recovery Center, Steps to Tomorrow

Project Name: Project Wellness

Project Description: Project Wellness is in response to the public health priority of reducing opiate use and related disorders among youth in Shasta County and addresses the limited availability of youth-specific service integration models that aim to address youth opiate needs. Project Wellness is a behavioral health integration navigation approach that promotes service partnerships and the use of evidenced-based practices to serve youth opiate needs, including youth with OUDs in Shasta County. Project Wellness will develop service integration partnerships within local school districts and juvenile probation to provide both education and referral and navigation services to youth for OUD treatment, including MAT services.   Project Wellness will offer OUD assessment, OUD psychosocial treatment, and MAT for Shasta County youth ages 12-24.

Counties served: Shasta


Website: N/A

Primary Contact:

Name: Doug Shelton

Position: Clinical Division Chief

Agency: HHSA, Children’s Services


Phone: (530) 229-8423

Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors):  Valley Care Community Consortium (VCCC)

Project Name: Project MAT Youth Expansion (MAT-YE)

Project Description:  MAT-YE at Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. aims to expand access to quality, evidence-based MAT services and improve outcomes for individuals ages 12-24 with OUDs in Los Angeles County (LAC). The project is an expansion effort to close gaps in treatment access for youth through the support of a team that includes a senior OUD trainer, community outreach specialist, and a SUD/OUD intake assessment specialist.

We have three (3) main goals:

  • Expand access to OUD services (including MAT) to LAC youth and young adults diagnosed with an OUD.
  • Expand access to OUD prevention services to LAC youth and young adults who are at risk of developing an OUD.
  • Provide trainings and educational sessions to youth and young adult-serving organizations in LAC about OUD treatment and how to link appropriate youth to the SUD/OUD continuum of care.

We seek to promote a healthier community within LAC and the State of California by closing the gaps in service, dispelling myths about OUD treatment, and expanding the discussion on opioids at large.

Counties served:  Los Angeles County


Tarzana Treatment Center Project



Primary Contact:

Name:  Dr. Jose Salazar

Position: Director of Program Development

Agency: Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.


Phone: 818-654-3950


Name:  Dr. James B. Golden

Position: Project Director

Agency: Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.


Phone: (818) 654-3950 x 1331

The Teen Project, Inc.

Project Name: The Teen Project – YOR California

Project Description: The purpose of the proposed project is to expand The Teen Project’s continuum of treatment services dedicated to female foster youth, throw away youth, and survivors of human trafficking to include outpatient treatment services, MAT services, and opioid awareness and addiction prevention community outreach training. The outpatient treatment center is less than two miles from our main residential site, Vera’s Sanctuary, and will support a similar population. Addiction and opioid education in the community is the backbone of our outreach.

Counties served: Orange



Primary Contact:

Name: Lauri Burns

Position: Executive Director

Agency: The Teen Project, Inc.


Phone: (949) 283-1260

University of California – San Francisco (UCSF) Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Boston Children’s Hospital Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program (ASAP)

Project Name: Expanding Access to Evidence-Based Treatment for Youth with Addiction

Project Description: For over 40 years, the UCSF Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine has provided exemplary and innovative health care services and has trained health care professionals and scholars from a variety of disciplines at the graduate and postgraduate education level. As such, our project has three important aims:

  • To expand access to evidence-based addiction treatment (including MAT) for youth through our Youth Outpatient Substance Use Program (YoSUP)
  • To facilitate excellent training in youth addiction medicine for California’s pediatric providers through the UCSF Youth Addiction Medicine Training Program
  • To build a collaborative network of youth addiction treatment providers in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California

With support from YOR California, we will lead efforts to ensure that developmentally appropriate and evidence-based treatment options become the standard of care for California youth struggling with addiction.

Counties served: San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo


UCSF Project


Website: Under Construction


Primary Contact:

Name: Veronika Mesheriakova, M.D.

Position: Director

Agency: University of California San Francisco


Phone: (415) 514-7604

Volunteers of America of Los Angeles (VOALA)

Project Name: VOALA YOR Program

Project Description: The project will enable VOALA to improve and expand access to a continuum of OUD early intervention services and treatment as coordinated with agency and community providers, including access to MAT, for youth and young adults ages 12-24 and their families in LAC, thereby preventing opioid overdose-related deaths and other serious consequences.

Counties served: Los Angeles County


VOALA Project




Primary Contact:

Name: Jasmond Nelson

Position: Senior Program Manager

Agency: VOALA


Phone: (213) 500-6013

Yurok Tribe

Project Name:  Yurok Youth Opioid Response

Project Description:

Yurok will provide outreach and engagement to Yurok Tribal youth and families at risk and with OUD.  Planned outreach incudes community engagement/events, cultural mentoring, education events, development and distribution of outreach materials, and social media campaign.  Prevention and intervention include youth groups using American Indian Life Skills, Peers offering Education Wisdom and Respect (POWER), cultural mentoring individua and group, screening, referrals, and case management. Case management will be provided to those who are at highest risk and in need of treatment and other assistance. The coordinator will work with MAT, SUD, and other providers to develop memorandums of understanding (MOUs) for increasing and streamlining of referrals, access, and joint training opportunities.

Counties served: Yurok Youth and families in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties




Primary Contact:

Name: Annelia Hillman

Position: Yurok Health and Human Services Program Outreach Services Manager

Agency: Yurok Tribe


Phone: (530) 625 – 4130 x1619

Planning Grants

Atascadero Greyhound Foundation

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors):  Atascadero Unified School District; DJ Pittenger Consulting

Project Name: LIGHTHOUSE

Project Description: LIGHTHOUSE is about disaster and rescue, chaos and peace. Its purpose is to provide safety, protection, and recovery through support and services. Through a partnership with the Atascadero Unified School District, LIGHTHOUSE provides programs of awareness, prevention, education and intervention in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse. LIGHTHOUSE provides education, mentoring, counseling, healthy activities, scholarships, and opportunities for our school-aged youth and beyond.  LIGHTHOUSE provides support for the families and friends of addicted and at-risk youth.

Funding from this grant will assist with the implementation of strategic directions and eliminate our identified barriers. We will be better poised to continue services for our youth. We will:

  • have better alignment and involvement with our stakeholders;
  • be suited to apply for additional grants from multiple areas and agencies;
  • have a done a comprehensive review of our programs;
  • have identified better ways to communicate with and reach our targeted youth;
  • have ensured that programs are implementing evidenced-based programs with fidelity; and
  • be a stronger organization, better aligned, and more connected to our stakeholders and target population.

Counties served:  San Luis Obispo County


Atascadero Greyhound Foundation Project




Primary Contact:

Name:  DJ Pittenger

Position:  Director, Strategic Planning

Agency:  Atascadero Greyhound Foundation


Phone: (805) 400-0046

BluePath Health

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Marin County Office of Education, Tamalpais Union High School District, RxSafe Marin

Project Name: Marin YOR

Project Description: Our project will involve conducting a needs assessment with community stakeholders to assess the feasibility of using high schools in Marin County as access points for identification and connection to services for OUD, anxiety and depression.

Counties served: Marin County


BluePath Health Project


Website: N/A


Primary Contact:

Name: Robby Franceschini

Position: Director of Policy

Agency: BluePath Health


Phone: (650) 823-4084

California AfterSchool Network

Partner Agencies: The Glen Price Group

Project Name: Expanded Learning Programs as Centers of Whole Child Health and Wellness

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to create positive outcomes for youth and families in Expanded Learning programs by increasing cohesion between education, intervention, public health, health care, behavioral health, social services, and treatment stakeholders. The result would position Expanded Learning programs as key collaborators promoting whole child and family health and wellness. The goal of the project is to engage cross-sector stakeholders in the creation of a statewide strategic plan that leverages Expanded Learning programs as a vehicle to advance child and family wellness. Stakeholders will be engaged from the state to the site level to create a cohesive structure for successful local and statewide collaboration across the continuum of care for children and families to address a variety of variables, including substance use.

Counties served: Statewide, focus (if necessary) to be determined during the planning process.


California AfterSchool Network Project


Website (if available):


Primary Contact:

Name: Heather Williams

Position: Program Director, Policy and Outreach

Agency: California AfterSchool Network


Phone: (760) 797-5309

California Friday Night Live (FNL) Partnership/Tulare County Office of Education

Project Name: FNL YOR CA

Project Description:  Engage the statewide Friday Night Live youth development system to explore ways to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors for youth at risk of opioid use and addiction.  Help increase awareness and reduce stigma around MAT for youth. 

Counties served: 50 of 58


California Friday Night Live Project




Primary Contact:

Name: Dr. Jim Kooler

Position: Administrator

Agency: CA FNL Partnership/Tulare County Office of Education


Phone: (559) 733-6496 ext. 1263

California School-Based Health Alliance

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): National Center for Youth Law, California Bridge Program, Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center

Project Name: Strengthening School Response to Youth Opioid Use

Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to reduce opioid deaths by helping schools and school-based health providers improve and expand access to a continuum of quality opioid-related services for youth.  We have two goals: 

  1. Prevent opioid use among adolescent and transitional aged youth (TAY) across California through peer-to-peer health education in schools.
  2. Identify and treat adolescent and TAY using opioids by providing schools and school-based health providers with tools to screen for substance use, provide brief interventions, and link to effective treatment, including MAT. 

In Q1, we identified 13 existing youth-focused opioid prevention materials. The Youth Board then identified two of those materials as impactful for youth. We also created a peer health education module on substance use prevention and screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT). In addition, we hosted a Youth Opioid Overview webinar, the first webinar in our four-part series about youth, opioids, and SBIRT, where 46 school health professionals registered. Lastly, we hosted a HIPAA/FERPA Refresher webinar focusing on substance use case studies where 57 professionals registered.

Counties served: Statewide


California School-Based Health Alliance Project



Primary Contact:

Name: Sierra Jue-Leong

Position: Project Director

Agency: California School-Based Health Alliance


Phone: (510) 268-1160

Fresno New Connection, Inc.

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): LAGS Medical Centers, Lock it Up Project (California Health Collaborative), The Wildfire Effect

Project Name: Fresno New Connections Community Response Project (FNCCR Project)

Project Description: The primary goal of the FNCCR Project is to increase access to OUD treatment, coordinated and integrated care, recovery support service (RSS), and prevention activities to reduce the prevalence of OUDs and overdose deaths. The project includes developing and supporting state, regional, and local level collaborations and service enhancements for best practices to comprehensively address the full continuum of care related to opioid misuse, abuse, and dependency.

Goal 1: Educate and empower youth, young adults, their families, schools, faith-based organizations, community members, and parent engagement organizations to identify opioid abuse and disorders to increase their ability to live drug-free lifestyles, reducing symptoms or needs, and to build resilience through recovery-based support.

Goal 2: Develop and maintain a services coordination and continuum of care that is inclusive of culturally responsive and reflective prevention, behavioral health, SUD, and MAT accessible to youth to enhance their quality of life.

Goal 3: Provide holistic and person-centered treatment that meets individuals’ strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

Counties served: Fresno (Sanger, Reedley, Clovis), Madera, Kings (Lemoore), Tulare (Visalia and Dinuba).


Fresno New Connections Project




Primary Contact:

Name: Rob Martin

Position: Executive Director

Agency: Fresno New Connection, Inc.


Phone: (559) 248-1548

National Alliance on Mental Illness; San Diego Affiliate (NAMI San Diego)

Project Name: Community Brainstorm Session (CBS) for Youth Opioid Response (YOR)

Project Description: Grounded through a lens of lived experience, coming from a perspective of dignity and respect for both those living with co-occurring conditions (mental health and OUD) and the experience of families witnessing this personal crisis, NAMI San Diego will convene and facilitate community strategy and planning celebrations designed to listen, amplify, and celebrate the voices of those standing in the middle of this growing opioid use catastrophe in order to use the community wisdom of those youth and families that have been touched by OUD to create greater community generated solutions improving and expanding access to a variety of OUD prevention, intervention, MAT and other treatment and recovery services for youth thereby preventing opioid overdose-related deaths.

The purpose of this project is to develop a robust community action plan rich with strategies for improving awareness of and access to youth-relevant (OUD) continuum of services. This plan will be created from the combined process of four distinct NAMI San Diego facilitated “Community Brainstorming Sessions” that celebrate and share the authentic voice of a community with lived experience of the impact of OUD. The intention is to reach underserved youth populations in San Diego’s North Central and Eastern Regions – areas experiencing elevated opioid overdose rates.

Counties served: San Diego


NAMI SD Project


Website: Coming soon – tab on  website under education services


Primary Contact:

Name: Suzette Southfox

Position: Education Director

Agency: NAMI San Diego


Phone: (858) 634-6580 ext. 320

National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA)

Project Name: San Gabriel Valley YOR Project (SGV YOR)

Project Description: SGV YOR will address issues related to access and visibility of resources for Asian American youth (ages 12-24) at risk or with OUDs. The goal of the project is to convene and develop successful strategies that are culturally and linguistically relevant to Asian American young people. The project will also serve to connect existing SUD resources to leverage and maximize the project’s impact in the highly diverse Asian American communities.

Counties served: Los Angeles County






Primary Contact:

Name: Myron Dean Quon, Esq.

Position: Executive Director



Phone: (213) 293-8889

Redwood Community Health Coalition (RCHC)

Project Name: Opioid Safety Coalition

Project Description: RCHC’s established Opioid Safety Coalition has been meeting regularly since February 2018.  With this planning grant, we will use these meetings to plan a larger convening in spring 2020 focused on OUD treatment and prevention among youth in Sonoma County. Using our existing coalition allows us to start our work plan immediately without the need to form a separate planning group.  Additionally, we plan to build on activities currently underway by expanding our needs assessment to include youth ages 12-24 and utilizing RCHC member health centers with school-based sites where comprehensive primary care services are provided. We are leveraging existing partnerships between community health centers and schools in Sonoma County to develop a community plan to improve and expand access to a continuum of quality OUD services for youth and their families.

Counties served: Sonoma



Primary Contact:

Name: Michelle Rosaschi

Position: Project Manager

Agency: Redwood Community Health Coalition


Phone: (707) 285-2977

Tri-City Health Center (TCHC)

Partner Agencies (Subcontractors): Cardea Services

Project Name: Fremont Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative (FYSAPC)

Project Description:  With support from the Fremont Unified School District and with the assistance of Cardea, TCHC will develop a community action plan that will outline an implementation project that supports outreach, engagement, treatment, and recovery services for Fremont youth (primarily ages 12-18) and their families.  Including referrals to TCHC’s MAT and behavioral health programs, as well as other local, youth-specific SUD and OUD services.

Counties served:   Alameda


Tri City Health Project




Primary Contact:

Name:  Desrie Campbell

Position: Development Specialist-Community Engagement

Agency:  TCHC


Phone: (510) 252-6819

Valley Health Associates

Project Name: Text Messaging Treatment Support

Project Description: Valley Health Associates will implement a multimodal youth outpatient program involving the use of mobile text messaging to increase treatment success rates for youth and young adults experiencing substance use disorders.

Goal 1: Conduct a feasibility study of introducing a mobile health text messaging platform for use with youth and young adults recovering from opioid addiction.

Goal 2: Develop statistics from data, to establish a baseline, for assessing the success of the multi-modal intervention involving youth and young adults.

Counties served: Monterey County and San Benito County


Valley Health Associates Project




Primary Contact:

Name: Amy Bravo

Position: Executive Director

Agency: Valley Health Associates


Phone: (831) 424-6655 ext. 14