Policies and Forms
Travel Reimbursements and Funding/Project Requests

Below are forms and policies for activities related to Central Regional Partnership activities.  

The Travel Reimbursement and Stipend Policy

The Travel Reimbursement and Stipend policy document is designed to act as a guideline for reimbursements for certain specific expenses relating to travel incurred in order to attend Central Region Workforce Education and Training (WET)-related activities, e.g. trainings or meetings for members of the Central Region Partnership. This policy also describes the guidelines for obtaining stipends.

Participants or attendees must file an expense report no later than 30 days after the completion of the trip.  All receipts must be submitted with the expense report including a map verifying the car mileage recorded on the report.  Maps can be printed out from MapQuest or Google Maps.  

Submit expense reports to accounting@cibhs.org.

Request for Project and/or Funding

Any individual, entity or organization interested in proposing a project or program to be funded in whole or in part by the Central Region Partnership is required to propose the activity using the Central Region Partnership proposal template. Please open, complete, title and save the form, then email it to Kimberly Mayer, MSSW, Director, to discuss and/or consider.