Eliminating Inequities in Behavioral Health
Responses to the Q&A

CIBHS has now posted written responses for the 5 webinars hosted during our Eliminating Inequities in Behavioral Health virtual training series. Written responses are from the faculty of each webinar. Please click on the link following each webinar to access the responses.  

Webinar #1 (Jei Africa, PsyD and Adèle James, MA, CPC) Introduction to a Framework for Confronting Racism in Behavioral Health

Webinar 1: Q & A

Webinar #2 (Adèle James, MA, CPC) Systemic Racism and Structural Racialization: Examining the Impact on Behavioral Health Disparities 

Webinar 2: Q & A

Webinar #3 (Adèle James, MA, CPC and Eric Haram, LADC) Implicit Bias: Recognizing Its Harmful Impact and Taking Actions to Counter

Webinar 3: Q & A

Webinar #4 (Jei Africa, PsyD, MSCP, CATC-V, Andre V. Chapman, M.A., Le Ondra Clark Harvey, PhD) The Role and Responsibilities of Behavioral Health Leaders in Addressing Systemic Racism

Webinar 4: Q & A

Webinar #5 (Adèle James, MA, CPC, Gloria Morrow, PhD, Alice Washington) Talking About Race and Racism with Clients: Challenges, Benefits & Strategies for Fostering Meaningful Dialogue

Webinar 5: Q&A