Mission, Values and Goals


The goal was to develop systems to support and nurture the network of CWMHPC women we were building through the use of technology. A listserve was being developed for the Council. A link on the CIBHS web site would lead to a page that was devoted to information related to Women’s Mental Health.


The goal was to analyze legislation from a gender-sensitive framework, to insert gender-specific issues into all mental health and related legislation and to integrate research into developing policy.


The goal was to increase awareness of Women’s Mental Health issues for the general public and to increase awareness of gender issues in treatment for professionals. The council sponsored screenings of films related to women and mental health and is planning regional training for professionals.


The goal was to continue to develop the structure of the CWMHPC. The council consisted of members, a steering committee and workgroups. The council was working on structure, funding and staffing concerns.